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CropLogic develops mobile app

New service to provide growers with immediate in-field access to information relating to their crops

CropLogic develops mobile app

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Precision agricultural technology specialist CropLogic is set to launch a mobile phone application designed to provide growers with immediate access to critical information relating to their crops.

The app includes an aerial view of each field or orchard, showing the location of in-field sensors, along with a history of irrigation patterns and soil moisture trends.

Alerts and status updates are configurable either by the users themselves, or with the assistance of one of CropLogic’s highly-skilled agronomists.

The company envisages the app will provide a platform for the addition of further premium decision-support tools.

“CropLogic will continue to provide a comprehensive web portal for detailed management of fields, but has responded to an increasing demand for in-field information on mobile devices and a simplified portal to allow growers to manage their fields “by exception” with the aid of a simple traffic light and alerting system,” explained Dr Dave Rankin, CropLogic’s chief technology officer.

The app was demonstrated in December 2017 in Pasco, Washington State, with the prototype receiving positive feedback.

“CropLogic employed a user-led development process up until the Alpha testing phase in 2017, which saw an initial focus upon our major customers with significant regional or market influence,” Rankin added.

“The outcome of this process and ongoing development of the App will see a reliable and sophisticated platform being ready for full release in April 2018.”

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