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Munckhof releases counting app for Pluk-O-Trak

New function automatically counts the quantity of harvested fruit per picker and per row

Munckhof releases counting app for Pluk-O-Trak

Munckhof's Pluk-O-Trak

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Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators has launched an automatic counting app for its Pluk-O-Trak advanced harvesting system.

The app measures the quantity of fruit harvested by each picker on each orchard row, with the data available in real time via a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

“The purpose of the new application is to help fruit growers optimise their fruit yields and picking performance while minimising quality variances,” the Dutch-based company said in a statement.

The new counting function is available for the high-capacity Pluk-O-Trak M-Topline.

Munckhof's Pluk-O-Trak is used to harvest a wide range of fruits such as apples, pears, citrus and cherries. Pickers place the fruit on narrow moving conveyors, which carry the fruit gently and automatically to crates.

The harvesting system can be operated by pickers at ground level, or by standing on adjustable harvesting platforms that extend 4m above the ground.

“With the Pluk-O-Trak, fruit growers save 50 per cent on picking labour and also reduce fruit damage by 50 per cent,” the release added. ”The Pluk-O-Trak can additionally be used as an effective, labour-saving and ergonomic solution for pruning, thinning and working on hail protection nets.”


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