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Tuesday 23rd November 2021, 07:07 Hong Kong

Seeka completes Orangewood amalgamation

New Zealand companies to combine Northland operations ahead of 2022 kiwifruit season

Seeka completes Orangewood amalgamation

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New Zealand-based post-harvest and orchard management business Orangewood will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Seeka.

An amalgamation bid, announced in September, has been successfully completed, subject only to the issue of a Certificate of Amalgamation from New Zealand’s Companies Office.

The NZ$6.9m transaction will see Seeka issue 639,302 new shares and pay NZ$1.3m to Orangewood shareholders. Seeka will assume NZ$2.1m of Orangewood debt.

“Seeka now moves into an integration phase to align the business processes of Orangewood with Seeka and to set the combined Northland business for a successful 2022 harvest season,” Seeka said in a media release.

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