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Nunhems launch new cucumber varieties

The counter-seasonal Olano F1 and Ocana F1 will create year-round cucumber supply from Spain

Nunhems launch new cucumber varieties

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Seed brand Nunhems has unveiled two new cucumber varieties which will herald year-round Spanish cucumber production.

The BASF-owned breeders launched the sweeter tasting Olano F1 and Ocana F1 which both feature a deeper colour and better post-harvest performance. The former is cropped in the autumn-winter cycle, while the latter for the spring-summer time.

“The two varieties come from very vigorous, healthy plants which makes them ideal for organic farming as well,” says Antonio Manuel Alonso Rodríguez, cucumber expert at BASF Vegetable Seeds. 

Nunhems presented the new varieties, from their Q.verde range, on Thursday in Alemeria to more than one hundred operators and producers in the Spanish cucumber market.

The cucumbers also boast the same qualities as their Q.verde relations being resistant to mildew and cucumber vein yellowing virus, as well as being exceptionally resilient to cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus.

Nunhems say the new cucumbers also boast a longer shelf life, and maintain their deep green colour post harvest without turning yellow, making them well suited to distant markets.

“We are confident that from now on both Olano F1* and Ocana F1* are going to follow in the footsteps of Contador F1, offering clear benefits for farmers and the retail sector alike,” added Rodríguez. 

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