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Andrew Fitzmaurice says MorePeople’s recruiters make it their mission to understand motivations, culture fit, and personal circumstances

Will robots replace recruiters?

2024-02-15T18:18:00+00:00By Andrew Fitzmaurice

MorePeople CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice discusses the future role of AI and automation in recruitment, and argues there is still much value to be gained from the human touch

ZA stonefruit checks Red Comms

Comment: South Africa’s exporters press on as problems persist


As Eurofruit’s Fresh Focus South Africa special reveals, disruption in South African ports has left the country’s fresh produce exporters with a mountain to climb

Martin Emmett meets growers across the country to understand the challenges they face

‘Change is needed for UK sector to grow’


NFU Horticulture & Potatoes Board chair Martin Emmett calls for urgent government action to help the UK horticulture sector continue to make a positive contribution to the British economy

GB RSA grapes Marks Spencer

Comment: Bumpy journeys ahead for grape suppliers


Of all the perishable cargoes affected by the Panama Canal drought, the Red Sea crisis, and infrastructure issues in South Africa, table grapes have been worst hit. And now, market prices may be about to fall

PML Seafrigo director Mike Parr

How many more government U-turns on import checks?

2024-01-26T18:13:00+00:00By Mike Parr

Mike Parr, director of logistics firm PML Seafrigo, lays bare the potentially dire consequences of Defra’s controversial decision to reintroduce physical checks on imports of fresh produce from the EU


In a Fresh Produce Quality Culture knee-jerk reactions are avoided when something goes wrong

Does your business have a Quality Culture or a Tick-Box Culture?

2024-01-25T10:52:00+00:00By Jim Jefcoate

Compliance consultant Jim Jefcoate sets out the tangible differences between the two approaches with a view to helping fresh produce companies improve their auditing operations

Roberto Zanichelli, Business Development & Marketing Direktor Foto: ILIP

Ilip director questions EU packaging policy


Roberto Zanichelli, business development and marketing director at Ilip, offers his insights into the changing dynamics of the fresh produce packaging business

Tesco banana shopping

Is the UK eco-conscious grocery market really growing?

2024-01-23T15:32:00+00:00By Richard Clark

Richard Clark of market analyst MrQual Research delves into data it has gathered on the factors that are important to UK shoppers when buying fruit and vegetables

Sustainability puzzle Adobe Stock

Comment: Six essential steps towards sustainability

2024-01-23T10:59:00+00:00By Richard Bonn

Any company that wants to secure its future must integrate sustainability into its business plan. But that’s easier said than done, says Richard Bonn, co-founder of Aethr Associates

Port of Cape Town Adobe Stock

Comment: a faint light at the end of a blustery tunnel


Delays in South African ports have blighted the country’s fruit export business, which finds itself almost powerless to intervene


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Trade friction contributed to the salad vegetable shortages seen at UK supermarkets in February and March 2023

If you thought 2023 was turbulent, just wait for 2024


Looking ahead to the next 12 months, John Giles of Promar International predicts further change in the fresh produce industry due to digitalisation, inflation, trade friction and climate change

IT Melinda cable car apples

Italy supports cable-car system for apples


The Italian government has backed Melinda’s unique plan to remove truck journeys between its Predaia packhouse and its mountain storage centre

Flooding has badly disrupted this year's potato harvest

Extreme weather is taking its toll on UK vegetable sector


Tim O’Malley, group MD of Nationwide Produce, reflects on the weather challenges facing growers of British vegetables as production is driven abroad and the sector lacks support from government

Banana-producing nations in Africa, such as Ghana, would be affected

Is the removal of tariffs on dollar bananas a betrayal of West African producers?


Reefer Trends editor Richard Bright explores whether abandoning the import tariff on Latin American bananas would amount to a betrayal of producers in West Africa, as the Afruibana trade body contests

Jim Jefcoate is calling for less burdensome auditing that assesses a supplier's 'quality culture'

It’s time for a more targeted approach to compliance

2023-11-14T09:38:00+00:00By Jim Jefcoate

Compliance consultant Jim Jefcoate makes the case for a more holistic and less burdensome approach to fresh produce certification based on ‘quality culture’