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Thursday 18th December 2014, 10:15 London

Total Produce tops inaugural FPJ Big 50

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Total Produce tops inaugural FPJ Big 50

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Old Comments
  • What about companies like MM Global Citrus with turnover of £58 million, Manor Fresh with turnover of £60 million and Thanet Earth Marketing with turnover of £81.7 million? You really need to get your facts straight if you are going to pput out a survey like this

    Mr Mike Musk
  • Hi Mike

    Thanks for your comment. MM Global Citrus, Manor Fresh and Thanet Earth Marketing are all referenced in the commentary on the Fresca Group (click on the company's name and see the third paragraph), or follow this link:
    In discussion with a number of senior industry figures in formulating this list, it was decided that share of non-wholly owned joint ventures could not be included due to the fact that not all companies explicitly list this in their accounts (see the methodology at the bottom of the list for further explanation).
    That is why we have not ignored those three businesses you mention but have fully explained in the Fresca commentary what difference they would make to the overall turnover.
    Hope this clarifies matters.


    Michael Barker

    Michael Barker
  • As a further point, I'd stress that, much like with The Sunday Times Rich List and other lists of this sort, the first one of its kind inevitably sparks passionate debate and discussion about who should have been included and what methodology should have been used.
    We very much look forward to engaging with the industry in this debate and evolving the FPJ Big 50 for the coming year as appropriate.
    We hope you enjoy the publication!

    Michael Barker

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