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Daffodil production warms up

Key supplier Winchester Growers says daffodil season will be on track by April, despite a slow start

Daffodil production warms up

The UK daffodil season is in full swing

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The British daffodil season is running about a week behind the “normal” season but is due to catch up by mid April, according to a leading grower.

A spokesperson for Winchester Growers said the daffodil season started late due to the mild autumn and cold early January, and since then the season has been “slow”.

“This has been caused by the consistently cool nights, with temperatures between three and five degrees, and daytime temperatures of between seven and nine degrees,” the spokesperson said. “By the end of February we were about a third of the way through the crop with half the season time gone.”

However, warmer conditions at the beginning of March have led to higher production, and consequently the season is now only about a week behind.

“The end of the daffodil season is far more consistent in timing than the beginning, so that will be around the middle of April when we catch up,” the spokesperson added.

The news comes as premium retailer Waitrose reported that daffodil sales are up 27 per cent on 2014, and said the spring staple will be available in stores until April 2015 for £1 a bunch.

Winchester Growers, which is part of Univeg UK and is currently being restructured as the company centralises management of its horticulture business, produces 400 million daffodil stems annually from 2,900 acres. The company supplies over 40 per cent of the UK market. 

For a full analysis of the flower category see this week's FPJ, out on Friday 13 March.


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