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Woman finds spider in bag of bananas

Clare Mahon claims she will “never eat another banana ever again” after finding spider inside bag

Woman finds spider in bag of bananas

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A woman who claimed she found a spider inside a bag of bananas has said she will “never eat” the fruit again, the Irish Mirror has reported.

Clare Mahon, from County Clare in Ireland, said she the spider crawled out as she was making banana sandwiches for her children.

“A friend of mine had bought the packet of Fyffes bananas in Dunnes Stores in Shannon,” Mahon told the Irish Mirror. “The whole neighbourhood must have heard me screaming, I started freaking out, I was absolutely terrified.”

Mahon said she has Googled the spider and believes it could be a black Hobo spider, which is a European relative to the Austalian funnel web spider.

“I swear I’m never going to eat another banana ever again,” she told the paper. 

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