Growers attend Spanish asparagus tour

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Growers attend Spanish asparagus tour

Global Plant Genetics took leading asparagus growers to visit new large crown varieties in Spain

Growers attend Spanish asparagus tour

Global Plant Genetics took UK asparagus growers to Spain recently

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Asparagus and soft-fruit specialist Global Plant Genetics has hosted a study tour to northern Spain for UK asparagus growers to see new varieties in the field.

A number of the UK’s leading asparagus producers attended the tour, where they were shown high health grade and larger asparagus crowns, as well as the next generation in plug type plants.

New types of asparagus plant can aid faster establishment and lead to better crops for the grower, Global Plant Genetics said, adding that it is key for growers to start with the best combination of variety and plant type.  

Director Jamie Petchell said: “It is exciting to offer new types of asparagus plant. The crowns we now offer are contract grown and can be graded into specific sizes making for more even establishment and easier production in the early years of the crop.

“As far as large plug plants are concerned, I am very keen to explore this option in more detail as they have the potential to offer the advantages of crowns (size of plant and earlier harvesting) in combination with the likely health benefits and longevity of modules.”


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