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Morrisons lists ‘ketchup and chips’ hybrid plant

Retailer will also stock the Thompson & Morgan-owned ‘Egg and Chips’ plant to cater to increased demand for grow-your-own

Morrisons lists ‘ketchup and chips’ hybrid plant

The TomTato is branded as 'Ketchup and Chips' at Morrisons

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Morrisons has listed Thompson & Morgan-owned hybrid ‘TomTato’ and ‘Egg and Chips’ plants.

Both plants, which grow tomatoes and potatoes, and aubergines and potatoes, respectively, are designed for the domestic market and respond to the growing urban gardening sector.

Demand for compact potted plants is up 10 per cent year-on-year, Morrisons said, while the growing popularity of organic produce has led to 58 per cent of people to want to ‘grow their own’.

Branding it as ‘Ketchip and Chips’, Morrisons said the TomTato will feature in 101 of the retailer’s garden centres from 25 April and will retail for £5 a pot.

Morrisons gardens expert Glen Cooper said: “This new plant is just the solution for our shrinking gardens - and will enable everyone to follow their produce from plant pot to plate.”



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