Strawberries set to outsell bread and milk at Sainsbury's

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Strawberries set to outsell bread and milk at Sainsbury's

Retailer expects the very British berry to be its top-selling item for the next four months

Strawberries set to outsell bread and milk at Sainsbury's

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Strawberries are set to become the best-selling product at Sainsbury’s for four months.

With the product expected to sell more than milk, bread and tea at the retailer, the trend follows on from last summer, when British strawberries were the top selling item for 20 weeks in a row.

British varieties now available at Sainsbury's include Dream, a variety exclusive to Sainsbury’s, and Murano, a variety specifically bred to offer the best combination of flavour and vibrant colour.

Sainsbury's technical manager for berries, Peter Czarnobaj, said: "One punnet of strawberries is sold every second at Sainsbury’s - equating to 50,000,000 punnets a year**

"Sainsbury’s sells over 15 different British varieties across the summer to ensure quality and extend the season, and the varieties are sourced from 21 UK counties - from Kent to Kincardenshire, and Somerset to Suffolk

"Once we come into the British strawberry season, we would expect them to remain the top pick in customers’ baskets for around five months.

"You could say it's the most important product to get right at this time of year. Our customers agree that we have indeed done this, and continue to enjoy the tasty punnets of one of our most prized products."

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