Grower trials Halloween ‘pumpkinsteins’

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Grower trials Halloween ‘pumpkinsteins’

Foxes Farm Produce’s Guy and Emily French have attached spooky face moulds to pumpkins ahead of Halloween

Grower trials Halloween ‘pumpkinsteins’

Foxes Farm Produce is trialling 'pumpkinsteins'

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Essex grower Foxes Farm Produce is trialling ‘pumpkinsteins’ by attaching scary masks to baby pumpkins so they grow into the shape of a face.

Guy and Emily French got the idea after seeing it in the US, which they said is always ahead on Halloween.

The technique uses a plastic mould attached to green pumpkins, and takes between two to three weeks to work. The pair are trialling it on 20 pumpkins this year to see if it takes off and to gauge the public’s reaction.

“Somethings are great in the USA but just do not translate when they get over here, so this year it is just for marketing,” Emily French told local paper the Daily Gazette.

Foxes Farm Produce opens a pick-your-own ‘Pumpkin Patch’ at its two production sites in Essex in the run up to Halloween, for youngsters to pick their own pumpkin to carve. The company also supplies a range of wholesalers and the East of England Co-op.

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