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Tesco links Branston and Samworths to use wonky potatoes

Retailer sends wonky potatoes from Branston to Samworths to become mash in ready meals and help reduce waste

Tesco links Branston and Samworths to use wonky potatoes

Tesco is using its surplus potatoes to make mash 

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Tesco has linked its potato supplier Branston with prepared produce and ready meal firm Samworths to convert ‘wonky’ potatoes into mash.

The retailer said the move comes as part of its promise that no edible food will be wasted at Tesco, from farm to fork.

Announcing the tie-up on an online blog, Tesco head of food waste reduction Mark Little said diverting crops for mash builds on other waste initiatives such as the Perfectly Imperfect range, and the farm brands.

“We buy all of Branston’s potato crop with most going into our potato ranges. The rest are peeled and sent to Samworths to be mashed and used in our own brand ready meals,” he wrote.

“This increases the amount of crop used and saves edible produce being ploughed back into the field. It also secures a consistent supply of great mash for our customers."

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