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EU extends ban on Ghana imports

Ban on imports of Ghanaian gourds, aubergine and chillies has been extended due to ‘significant shortcomings’ in quality

EU extends ban on Ghana imports

Imports of aubergines and gourds from Ghana are banned  

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The EU has extended a ban on Ghanaian fresh produce imports after a new audit found there are still "significant shortcomings" in the export system.

Following an audit in September 2016, imports of sweet and chilli peppers, gourds and aubergines from Ghana to the EU are still banned.

EU member states, including the UK, are “continuing to intercept harmful organisms on Ghanaian material”, a statement from the UK plant health department said.

Meanwhile, the import ban on gourds and aubergines from India has been lifted as a result of improvement to phystosanitary control.

Fresh curry leaves are still not permitted to be imported into the EU from any country. If curry leaves are imported they must be either frozen or dried at the time of import.

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