NFU Potato Forum re-appoints chair and vice chair

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NFU Potato Forum re-appoints chair and vice chair

Alex Godfrey and Tim Papworth confirmed for a further term and pledge to deliver wide range of objectives

NFU Potato Forum re-appoints chair and vice chair

Alex Godfrey

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Alex Godfrey and Tim Papworth have been re-appointed as chairman and vice chairman of the NFU Potato Forum.

Godfrey, who farms in Lincolnshire, said he looked forward to delivering the forum’s objectives during 2017, including ensuring the potato sector is well represented in NFU Brexit policies, as well as addressing some of the key concerns for members in the domestic market.

“The past few years have been incredibly challenging for the potato sector, so it remains vitally important that the NFU can deliver robust support to growers," he explained. "That is why we have a dedicated forum to ensure the views of the potato sector are embedded within NFU policy."

The NFU Potato Forum helps identify issues facing members, which range from crop protection and labour needs to legislative changes on water policy and tackling a lack of transparency on potato sales, and creates a plan of action to address them. 

Papworth, who grows 10 varieties of potatoes for several customers in Norfolk, added: “This will be my second term as vice chairman, after holding the post of chairman since its creation. I am pleased to be able to support Alex and the forum members, and represent my fellow potato growers during what will be undoubtedly the most critical period for farmers and growers in a generation.

“We also need to harness greater support from the supply chain to ensure that growers can operate in a profitable market and have the confidence to invest in the future.”

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