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More members of 'Gold brand family' ahead

LemonGold, HoneyGold and NavelGold set to be added to successful ClemenGold citrus brand

More members of 'Gold brand family' ahead

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It is the start of the new South African late mandarin season and brand leader ClemenGold says it has exciting plans for the future. The extension of the ‘Gold brand family’ is likely to include new products such as LemonGold, HoneyGold and NavelGold.

“There are some additional developments taking place within the ‘Gold brand family’ where the success story of ClemenGold is being rolled out to other products, such as the LemonGold, HoneyGold and NavelGold," confirms ClemenGold chief executive Marius du Plessis. "We call it the golden selection of quality fruit, where the taste and consumption attributes are guaranteed. Joining the ClemenGold way also promises excellence in marketing innovation.

“We’re seeing high demand and the supply prospects for premium quality soft citrus is still lower than the demand. Customers increasingly value the benefits of quality assurance provided by the ClemenGold brand, a premium product in the late mandarin supply windows."

ClemenGold is now well established as one of the leading mandarin brands, but ClemenGold says it will not rest on its laurels. “We will keep on investing time and effort with our existing customers and gradually expand our footprint with like-minded supermarkets and growers,” Du Plessis continues. “We are extending our supply season with new varieties and new production areas and techniques to be on the shelves longer. We also have more northern hemisphere packers and producers in Spain and Morocco who participate to extend the season.”

It is generally expected that there will be a steep rise in late Mandarin production in South Africa over the next five to 10 years. Du Plessis plans to operate in this scenario with the best service, product and promotions, and be the most trusted brand to the end consumer.

“The question should also be balanced with the current demand curve of existing markets, as well as new markets that will be added around the world for these premium branded mandarins," he says. "We are in unchartered territory here. Ten years ago the founders of ClemenGold studied the traditional supply and demand models and developed a progressive model for the brand.”

He explains that this project was planned and executed with clear targets and measurements, and it is only now that the first results are visible from offering an above-par product, backed by a significant sales and marketing plan and business-to-consumer branding investment. 

In terms of lengthening the ClemenGold season, he says the company is now offering its end customers a tasting of a range of six potentially new varieties that it believes will extend the season and drive higher consumption. “We have to offer bright orange, lower-seed, easy peel and better-tasting varieties with good storage and shelf life over a longer time frame,” he concludes.

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