IGD: ‘Sector must adapt to summer shopping habits’

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IGD: ‘Sector must adapt to summer shopping habits’

Families opt for bigger shopping trips, eat healthier and try to save money during school summer holidays, according to new research

IGD: ‘Sector must adapt to summer shopping habits’

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Some 60 per cent of shoppers with children change their buying habits during the summer months, IGD research has revealed.

The study, which presents challenges to the food and grocery sectors, showed that consumers make various changes to their shopping behaviour during the school summer holidays as their daily routine changes.

These include opting for a big weekly shop to avoid going in store frequently with their children (26 per cent), and doing smaller top-up shops to restock supplies that run out faster (26 per cent).

Saving money also emerged as a priority, with 22 per cent of parent shoppers saying they stock their freezer to help spread the cost of grocery shopping over the summer.

Vanessa Henry, shopper insight manager at IGD, said: “Families’ routines can be disrupted by the school holidays with play dates, sports and other children’s activities, which means shoppers aren’t always as organised as during term time.

“There are also more meals and snacks to cater for as a lot of children will be at home over these weeks. The fridge might need filling up on a more frequent basis with more mouths to feed.

“With parents looking to keep children entertained during the holidays, convenient pack formats and on-the-go food and drink solutions are increasingly relevant.

“Family recipe ideas, quick and easy lunch solutions and larger pack sizes are likely to appeal to mums stocking up for the holidays.”

As well as changing their shopping routine, shoppers also alter their diet, with nearly half (47 per cent) saying they tend to eat healthier foods in the summer.                 

In addition, the IGD data suggests an element of flexibility and willingness to try new things from shoppers trying to navigate changes in routine. A third (34 per cent) of shoppers with children said they try to be more organised about their food and grocery shopping during the summer months but admitted it can be difficult as their plans change due to the weather.

If the weather is good, 31 per cent of shoppers said they spend more on food and groceries for picnics and 34 per cent said they change their meal plans to a BBQ at the last minute.

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