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Morrisons sells supersize Braeburn

Retailer said giant apples were caused by late spring frosts and delayed flowering with average weights hitting 450g

Morrisons sells supersize Braeburn

Morrisons' giant Braeburns are around 450g

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Morrisons are selling supersized British-grown Braeburn apples after late frosts in April led to reduced crop volumes and increased sizes.

Weighing at an average of 450g compared to a typical Braeburn weight of 170g, the giant Braeburns will be sold for £1 for a twin pack.

The cold April stopped apple trees from flowering fully, limiting the pollination essential for fruit growth, Morrisons said. However, favourable conditions later in the growing season gave a nutrient boost to the remaining apples, resulting in the larger sizes.

Newmafruit founder and Morrisons supplier Melvyn Newman said: “This year’s frost caught lots of growers by surprise. Over a third of our Braeburns this year are a much bigger size and with a smaller crop overall, it would have been heartbreaking to leave oversized fruit on the trees when they are just as tasty and with better colour.”

Apple expert at Morrisons, Mark Booth, said: “Ideal for snacking, sharing or baking, these giant British Braeburn apples offer great value to our family customers. Our relationship with our growers meant we were able to take the whole crop from our apple farmers and ensure these huge but delicious apples are eaten.”

Braeburns are the second most popular apple sold at Morrisons, according to the retailer, accounting for 17 per cent of apples sold over the year. Gala apples top the list with 25 per cent of sales, followed by Pink Lady apples 11 per cent.

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