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JDM hopes deli sauces will spread

Manufacturer having conversations with several retailers about launching new Deli Spread range in UK

JDM hopes deli sauces will spread

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JDM Food is in talks with British retailers as it looks to launch a range of value-added fruit and vegetable spreads to be served with cold meats and cheeses.

The fruit and vegetable manufacturer’s Deli Spreads – already available at two US supermarkets as part of the Just Add range – feature fruits and vegetables, including ‘spicy pineapple’, apricot, ‘sweet fig’, onion and cranberry and ‘creamy garlic’. 

They are being marketed as an accompaniment to various appetisers, wraps and platters.

Last weekend Publix became the second US supermarket to stock the range of 85g squeezable tubes, following the lead of retail giant Kroger.

JDM’s business development manager Martin Murray said the spreads differed from classic meat sauces such as apple, horseradish and mint because “they can be used for far more meal occasions”.

Speaking at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, he said: “The market for classic meat sauces is so driven by the guys selling jars for 39p that it’s a bit of a pointless exercise to get involved in.

“Our deli spreads are a bit different – they’re a cold-eat, shelf-life-stable product that allows you to put finishing touches to things, as opposed to just banging a bit of apple sauce on your Sunday roast.”

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