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New fungicide for UK to tackle blight

The potato crop treatment will enter the UK and Ireland market this year and offering the lowest application interval yet

New fungicide for UK to tackle blight

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A new fungicide that targets potato blight and boasts the lowest application rate will go on the market this year.

The treatment, developed by Zorvec Enicade and DowDuPont, requires spray treatment every ten days, and will be available to UK and Irish potato growers for the 2018 season.

Craig Chisholm, UK field technical manager for DowDuPont said it’s a “once iin a career" breakthrough.

He added: “There is concern about the aggressiveness of blight and there’s no doubt the challenges we face are increasing.”

Sprayed at the start of the rapid growth phase, the molecule sticks to the wax layer of both stem and leaf offering ten day persistence in control.

Chisholm continued: “Growers and agronomists have seen demonstrations of Zorvec Enicade’s market leading performance over several seasons and will be excited that it is now registered for use in the UK and Ireland.

“Spray intervals of up to 10 days will be something new for growers to consider but we feel they will immediately see the benefit of added flexibility, plus the opportunity to reduce one spray pass when this 10-day strength is utilised in a spray block.

“I believe it is the most exciting product that we have had in 30 years. It’s the sort of product that you can only expect to see developed once in a career.”

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