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Warm weather sparks Bruchid beetle warning

Pest has already been spotted in bean crops with farmers warned to expect egg laying

Warm weather sparks Bruchid beetle warning

Bruchid beetles affect various varieties of field beans in the UK

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Warm, sunny weather has brought with it the year’s first warnings of Bruchid beetle as winter beans approach the first pod set stage.

According to the latest Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) crop update, published on 18 May, the pest has been active in field bean crops, particularly winter beans that are flowering.

The organisation advised growers to apply insecticide sprays when temperatures reach 20°C for two consecutive days and around half of the pods on bottom trusses are 2cm long.

Adult Bruchid beetles become more active in stable, warm weather and when temperatures reach 20°C for two days running, the beetles are likely to start laying eggs on existing pods.

Developed in conjunction with PGRO, Syngenta's advance warning system, BruchidCast, has predicted this will happen this week.

The system gives localised warnings of periods of peak pest activity up to five days in advance, providing a forecast of potential spraying opportunities. Growers can sign up here.

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