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Monday 15th April 2019, 16:50 London

Bumper season for Scottish daffodils

Grampian Growers co-op enjoys fourth highest daffodil volume in 50 years thanks to mild weather

Bumper season for Scottish daffodils

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Scottish daffodil producers have enjoyed a bumper harvest this year with mild weather bringing the season forward considerably.

Scottish cooperative Grampian Growers, which specialises in daffodils and seed potatoes, told The Courierthat it had enjoyed the fourth-highest daffodil volume in its 51-year history. More than 71 million stems were picked by its members, with the flowers sold into high-volume markets in just 51 days. 

Managing director Mark Clark reported that the concentrated harvest finished 28 days earlier than in 2018, beginning on the second earliest day in the co-operative’s history and finishing on the second earliest day.

“The last flowers left for supermarkets across the UK on Wednesday morning and we’ve had a great season, although it would have been fantastic to have another week to capitalise on the Easter market,” he told the Scottish newspaper.

“Prices have risen every week, which is unusual and only happens when Easter is late, but we’ve had a great run this year.

He added that flowers were picked every day of the season, which is “very unusual”, and that the reprieve from a no-deal Brexit came as a relief.

“A delay till October means we should get right through the bulb export season without having to make alterations to export certification,” Clark told The Courier.

“The same documentation as usual will continue and we can export from Montrose throughout mainland Europe.

“We had contingencies in place because if we had come out with no deal we would have needed two inspectors – one for the United States and another for the EU, where we usually need just one.”

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