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Thursday 6th June 2019, 12:52 London

Fyffes backs marine emissions regulations

Irish banana giant commits to limiting sulphur content in shipping fuels in bid to tackle climate change

Fyffes backs marine emissions regulations

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Europe’s largest banana importer Fyffes has announced its support for new global regulations that will limit the sulphur content in all marine fuels to 0.5 percent.

The commitment, which will begin on 1 January 2020, is in line with new regulations established by the International Maritime Organization. 

Jeronimo Poggio, Fyffes’ shipping director, said: “The regulations will help reduce carbon emissions, as well as reduce acid rain, which can harm agricultural crops, including our fruit. Importantly, there is also a positive human impact by reducing illnesses and deaths caused by sulphur emissions impacting people living near ports.”

Further sustainability measures from Fyffes include projects to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint. One such project involves setting aside forested areas to promote carbon sinks. 

Fyffes manages a 43 per cent conservation area that is part of the company’s owned banana and pineapple farms. This conservation area is made up of important primary and secondary forested areas that absorb and capture carbon dioxide, thereby removing it from the atmosphere. 

In addition, the company has begun a baseline study to identify its carbon footprint at each stage in the supply chain. This will be completed by the end of 2019.

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