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Trans-Tasman food safety projects launched

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre has launched two projects focusing on food safety in Australia and New Zealand

Trans-Tasman food safety projects launched

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The Australian and New Zealand fresh produce industries are set to receive a boost to food safety with the launch of two research projects by the Fresh Produce Safety Centre from 16 January.

The two projects, ‘Understanding the Gaps – a food safety literature review’ and ‘Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety’, will review and update food safety guidelines and best practices from on-farm to post-harvest activities.

The projects have been funded by both government and industry groups in Australia and New Zealand, with the ‘Understanding the Gaps’ report to be released mid-2015, and the revised guidelines to be released shortly thereafter, according to the Centre.

“The generous support of the fresh produce industry and food safety organisations has been the catalyst to get these vital projects up and running,” said Michael Worthington, chairman of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre. “The companies and industry organisations supporting these projects know that food safety is paramount: they are tangibly demonstrating their support for fresh produce safety in Australia and New Zealand.”

The Food Produce Safety Centre is an industry-led company established by the Produce Marketing Associations Australia-New Zealand and based at the University of Sydney, with support from leading fresh produce groups on both sides of the Tasman.

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