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Weight inspections new focus for NMI

Australia’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) has announced an inspection programme targeting fruit and vegetable packers and traders

Weight inspections new focus for NMI

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The Australian government’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) launched its ‘Harvest to Home’ measurement inspection programme on 20 March.

The campaign will run to June, targeting fruit and vegetable sellers and packers to ensure consumers aren’t short-changed when it comes to purchasing produce.

NMI general manager for legal metrology, Bill Loizides, said the focus would be on making everyone in the value chain, from growers to importers to retailers, aware of their rights and obligations under trade measurement law.

“Each year in Australia, fruit and vegetables are moved from importers and farms to our homes in millions of measurement-based transactions,” Loizides said. “Whether you’re a farmer, a wholesaler or a consumer, accurate measurement is vital to support trade, ensure fair competition among businesses, and give consumers confidence in what they’re buying.

“Where breaches of the law are detected, NMI inspectors will usually advise businesses on how to improve their trading practices to meet their legal obligations. However, where persistent or serious breaches occur, NMI may use a range of enforcement options, including fines and prosecution.”

As part of the campaign, NMI has also released a fact sheet and video, and will be visiting 1,400 traders, testing measuring instruments, inspecting packaged goods and undertaking 200 secret shopper trial purchases.

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