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Monday 14th August 2017, 16:54 Melbourne

NZ ranks high for fresh consumption

Research by the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust found around 40 per cent of New Zealanders eat their five-a-day

NZ ranks high for fresh consumption

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New Zealand’s consumption of fruit and vegetables ranks high globally, according to the latest research from the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust.

The organisation surveyed 700 people aged over 15 across New Zealand, and found that 37 per cent of respondents consumed five or more services of fresh fruit and vegetables each day, while 59 per cent consumed at least four different types of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

Less than 15 per cent of the population aged over 15 in the European Union consumers at least five services a day, according to Eurostat, while the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology study of 140,000 participants from 18 countries found that mean fruit and vegetable intake was 3.76 servings per day.

Paula Dudley, general manager of 5+ A Day, said when compared to global statistics, New Zealanders were rated among the highest consumers of fruit and vegetables, but there was room for improvement.

“Now it is time for some stretch goals – we need to keep awareness top of mind to move consumption even higher to 45 percent,” Dudley said. “This isn’t just a numbers game - there are huge health benefits for us all in doing so.”

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust was established in 2007 to encourage the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in New Zealand, funding by voluntary contributions from New Zealand’s produce industry.

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