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New brand for Australian pears

APAL reveals details of premium, quality-controlled pear label Goulburn River Gold

New brand for Australian pears

Packham pears will be sold under the Goulburn River Gold brand

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Borrowing elements from successful controlled variety-programmes, Apple & Pear Australia (APAL) hopes a new brand will open doors for Australian pears in export markets.

The peak industry body said the Goulburn River Gold label would be used to deliver high-quality fruit to retailers and consumers in “Asia and other priority markets.”

“A combination of Australian provenance, collaborative supply, independent quality control, marketing support and premium branding is the formula we hope will deliver a more profitable result for Australian growers,” according to a statement from APAL.

The brand will be made available exclusively to participants in a dedicated export programme, all of which come from the key Goulburn Valley production region. Packham pears that meet quality specifications will be the fruit behind the brand, which will hit retail shelves next year.

APAL’s global development director, Andrew Hooke, and his team are providing services and resources in the development and roll-out of the brand.

“We acknowledge export markets are not new to Australian pears, but this is the first time there has been real intent from the industry to focus on export and the successful elements required to deliver a profitable program,” Hooke explained.

“APAL looks forward to assisting the Goulburn Valley growers to deliver Goulburn River Gold in 2019.”

The colours, typeface and layout used to form the Goulburn River Gold logo are based on modern premium designs that reflect the simplicity of the brand.

“A recognisable and attractive logo device has been created and the strapline is uncomplicated – Australia’s Finest Pears,” the release added.

APAL said the move came on the back of increased interest in Australian pear exports, which have grown strongly this year in markets such as New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia and Singapore.

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