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OneHarvest develops Love Potatoes

Convenient, microwaveable pre-packaged potato product is set to hit retail shelves later this year

OneHarvest develops Love Potatoes

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Following on from the success of its Love Beets fresh-cooked baby beetroot offering, OneHarvest is preparing to launch Love Potatoes, a range of flavoured, pre-cooked potatoes.

After initial concept testing proved successful at last year’s Asia Fruit Logistica, OneHarvest has spent the past year developing a tasty and convenient, microwaveable pre-packaged potato product.

A catalogue of ten flavours has been developed with the initial launch to include a smaller range of the most popular flavours such as Sichuan Pepper, Butter, and Garlic & Herb.

As OneHarvest finalises the production and flavour infusion processes, it hopes to have small volumes of Love Potatoes available for Australian customers later this year, with exports likely to begin after Chinese New Year in 2019.

The South Australian-grown potatoes are flavoured, sealed and cooked in their packaging, meaning shelf-life is increased and the product poses no food safety or contamination risk. It also means they can access markets that raw Australian potatoes cannot.

Having said this, OneHarvest’s managing director Sam Robson does not anticipate the product will steal market share from the raw potato category.

“It’s a value-added product, so we hope to attract new consumers to the potato category or grow the frequency of purchase among consumers already buying potatoes,” he explains.

Robson says a key selling point for Love Potatoes will be the product’s convenience and versatility.

“The packaging they come in is totally microwavable or they come up beautifully pan fried. As they are fully pre-cooked they can be eaten whole or included in a salad.”

OneHarvest’s love for convenient fresh produce continues to grow as they’re already preparing for the next range extension with new ingredients, flavours and usages in mind.

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