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Research highlights blueberry benefits

Effects on cognitive performance outlined at Blueberries New Zealand season launch

Research highlights blueberry benefits

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With research on its side, Blueberries New Zealand (BBNZ) has high hopes for the industry’s 2019 campaign.

The peak body held a season launch yesterday (31 January), with Professor Claire Williams from the University of Reading, UK, making a guest appearance.

Williams’ latest work looks into the short-term effects of blueberries on cognitive performance. Currently going through peer review, ahead of publication later this year, the research suggests a single serving of blueberries early in the day in healthy older adults helps to maintain cognitive performance through the rest of the day.

“As the science community continues to study our fruit, and the health benefits are verified, we expect shoppers to take action and buy more regularly,” said Blueberries New Zealand chairman Dan Peach.

“Last summer New Zealand families bought fresh blueberries around 3.5 times each, meaning each household consumed an average volume of 730g.”

The Blueberries New Zealand season launch also featured an appearance from Eliza McCartney. The young pole vault champion is entering her third year as an ambassador for Blueberries New Zealand.

Blueberries are currently planter over 1,000ha across New Zealand’s North and South islands. The harvest peaks between January and March, with fruit available year-round.


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