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Thursday 14th January 2021, 18:15 Melbourne

New marketing push for Love Beets

Beet the Heat campaign to provide usage ideas for Australian grown, ready to eat baby beetroot

New marketing push for Love Beets

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Love Beets Australia – part of leading fresh produce group One Harvest – is aiming to inspire and educate consumers over the summer months with a new marketing push.

The ‘Beet the Heat’ campaign will provide usage ideas for the range of Australian grown, ready to eat baby beetroot sold under the Love Beets label. The campaign will be delivered to shoppers through major retail chains.

“With more meals being consumed at home, we are seeing a strong uplift in household penetration for our cooked and ready to eat beetroot, as well as an uplift in demographics such as young families who traditionally under index in our beetroot products,” said Helen Warren, head of marketing and innovation at One Harvest.

“Love Beets’ Beet the Heat campaign will support consumers on their journey of consuming fresh Australian grown produce by delivering a multitude of delicious homemade recipes, including family friendly popsicles, sorbets, smoothie bowls, sweets and treats.”

One Harvest extended the Love Beets range in 2020, introducing a selection of marinated beetroot in new resealable packaging – designed to lengthening shelf life and reduce food waste.

“Improving consumers’ shopping and eating experience is a major priority for One Harvest and underpins the company strategy and day-to-day operations,” the company said in a media release.

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