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Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 11:57 Melbourne

Produce Plus Autumn out now

Celebrating 10 years of Produce Plus, the first edition for 2021 focuses on technology and food safety

Produce Plus Autumn out now

(l-r) Escavox's chief operating officer Nici Sanderson, chief executive Luke Wood,  and chief technology officer Rob Lang feature in the cover story interview for Produce Plus Autumn


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The Autumn edition of Produce Plus is available now via the Produce Plus app. The first edition of the year homes in on technological developments in the fresh produce industry.

In our cover story interview, we speak with Escavox chief executive Luke Wood, chief operating officer Nici Sanderson and chief technology officer Rob Lang.

Since its launch in 2018, Escavox has provided end-to-end visibility of food moving through the supply chain. Its proprietary ‘blue box’ trackers collect data related to time, temperature and location to which fresh produce is exposed as it travels from farmgate to retail shelf.

As the Australian business continues to expand, the trio discuss the power of data in maintaining food quality and the technological ecosystem that will drive the fresh produce industry in the future.

Our technology coverage continues with an update on how Brisbane-based robotics company, Lyro Robotics, is approaching the labour shortage crisis with new solutions.

This edition also includes an in-depth look at the upcoming apple and pear seasons in Australia and New Zealand, including a spotlight on some new varieties making their mark.

To celebrate Produce Plus' 10th anniversary, Fruitnet’s editorial director and former Produce Plus editor, John Hey, details the motivations and inspirations that saw the launch of the publication in May 2011. 

View the Autumn edition via the Produce Plus app. Download the app onto your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free to download and enables you to scroll through Produce Plus’ wide ranging and in-depth coverage of the key trends and developments in Australia and New Zealand’s fast-moving fresh produce businesses.

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