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E-commerce could be the way forward for Malaysia’s growth in the Chinese market as Alibaba launched its Juhuasuan platform in Malaysia.

Salahuddin Ayub, Malaysia’s minister of agriculture and agro-based industry, spoke at the launch event and said the China’s e-commerce platforms allow Malaysian brands and businesses to reach more Chinese consumers, according to a Xinhua report

'Currently cooperation among Alibaba, Juhuasuan and agricultural product-based businesses in Malaysia is ongoing,” Ayub said.

“Through the platform, our local brands and businesses can reach out to more consumers in China.”

Ayub these platforms would facilitate an increased connection between the two countries and could help introduce more Malaysian agricultural products to the Chinese market.

He noted progress has already been made with Malaysia's Musang King durian which started exporting to China in June and added Malaysia would now focus on gaining access for its pineapples and jackfruit.

Alan Ao, marketing general manager of Juhuasuan, which is Alibaba's leading flash sale platform, said there was already a demand for Malaysian products in China's second-tier and third-tier cities.

'We are helping Malaysian merchants go a step beyond launching sales campaigns and empowering them with analytics to target the rising demand for their products and manage it more efficiently,' Ao said.