cold storage

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism is set to sign an agreement with Asean members in October to help develop a refrigerated-distribution network across South East Asia.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Japan’s transport ministers will create two sets of guidelines of chilled distribution – one for Asean governments to assist them in developing rules and regulations, and one for companies to offer distribution guidance.

The guidelines will include precise temperature ranges for certain food categories, as well as rules for handling imports including fruit, flowers and seafood.

Using Japanese cold chain technologies, the ministry told Nikkei that it hopes food safety in the region will be improved, while also expanding Japan’s business opportunities in the ten-nation Asean bloc.

Yamato Transport’sCool Ta-Q-Binchilled and frozen delivery service has been flagged by the ministry as one to promote with Philippine and Indonesian governments, with its parent company Yamato Holdings already offering its refrigerated delivery services in some markets across Asia.