Warmer winter temperatures and late rainfall across all growing regions have Australian asparagus growers optimistic as harvesting gets underway.

With the season set to ramp up over the coming weeks, Alex Motta, president of the Australian Asparagus Council, said trade customers and end consumers can expect an abundant crop of great quality spears.

“We’ve had higher temperatures this winter than previous years, which has meant our crop has thrived and we’re thrilled to be bringing this season’s harvest of delicious, crisp asparagus for all Australians to enjoy,” Motta explained.

“Shoppers should keep an eye out for asparagus that are bright, smooth and uniform in size with closed, compact tips. That way they know their asparagus will be firm and moist,”

Along with domestic sales, Australian asparagus is exported to Asia, with Japan a well-established market for the industry. Programmes into China have also been gaining momentum over recent years.

Motta said a key marketing point for asparagus is its versatility, with the vegetable able to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack.

“Australian asparagus is tender and luscious with a herbaceous and earthy flavour profile, adding a unique flavour and texture to every day meals,” Motta explained.

“Fresh, locally-grown spears can be enjoyed in many different ways and can boost the health profile of everyday meals.”