Macadamia Aus promo

An April Fools Day prank has drawn significant attention to Australian macadamias in the Japanese market.

Developed as part of the industry-wide Australian Macadamias marketing campaign, the gag centered around the launch of a new product – a ‘Macadamia Bonsai Kit’. The hoax kit came complete with a mini Australian macadamia farmer called Mac A. Damia, along with a selection of his favourite miniature farming equipment, providing would-be customers with all the resources to harvest macadamia nuts at home.

“The joke was designed to tap into Japanese consumers’ strong interest in the macadamia growing story. It generated excellent reach on our own channels, as well as additional exposure on a variety of Japanese news and lifestyle sites,” peak industry body Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) said in a statement.

The stunt reached 1.1m pontential macadamia consumers, according to AMS.