Novo Fruit Packers Capespan

Leading South African fresh produce company, Capespan, has reiterated its commitment to overcoming the challenges posed by Covid-19 by providing support to communities through vitamin enriched food hampers.

In a statement, the company highlighted the relentless and selfless work of farmers, packers and farm workers as they ensure the supply of fresh produce during this difficult period.

Capespan managing director, Tonie Fuchs, said the company was grateful for the manner in which the various role players in the supply chain had been working together to ensure it could deliver on its promise to supply fresh fruit to its customers all over the world.

Capespan’s blue hand foundation has been instrumental in supporting communities in the Northern and Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Foundation manager, Ansonette van der Merwe, highlighted the importance of supporting the rural communities, as they are often directly linked to the production, harvesting and supply of world produce.

“To ensure the sustainability of the fresh produce supply chain, we have to support those that are most vulnerable”, said van der Merwe.

Alongside hampers, the blue hand place of hope & mercy soup kitchen in Eastern Cape has supplied 300 people with meals on a weekly basis.

The food hamper donations doubled in reach before the Easter weekend, and donations had reached chronically ill patients and needy elders, who are unable to work in the citrus producing Sundays River Valley area.

Capespan has also donated fresh fruit to assist community organisations and schools to continue with the supply of meals to over 5,000 children in need.

Van der Merwe thanked the workers who have kept things ticking along.

“Thank you to all the staff, growers, pickers and packers who are dedicating their lives to farming – even in challenging times like these. The world population needs all of you now more than ever. We salute you and your relentless commitment to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of fresh produce,” she said.