Cosmic Crisp

Red Rich Fruits is shooting for the stars after securing the exclusive rights to grow and market Cosmic Crisp apples in Australia.

After signing an agreement with the fruit’s varietal managers Proprietary Variety Management (PVM), Red Rich has signalled its intention to commence planting the WA38 cultivar – to which Cosmic Crisp lends its brand name – later this year.

The leading grower-packer-marketer hopes to emulate the success the branded offering has enjoyed in the US, where growers have planted the variety in record volumes and injected an estimated US$10m in marketing over a four-year period.

Red Rich Fruits’ director, Michael Napoleone, said the move would diversify and strengthen the company’s category offerings.

“Red Rich Fruits has been growing superior quality apples in Australia’s pristine Yarra Valley for more than 70 years,” said Napoleone.

“We strive for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction and believe Cosmic Crisp delivers this and more, so we’re delighted that the Red Rich Fruits orchards will now be their official Australian home.”

Cosmic Crisp is the product of over 20 years of research and development by Washington State University in the US. It is a cross between the HoneyCrisp and Enterprise cultivars.

The brand name was inspired by the starburst-like lenticels on the apple’s surface, while ‘crisp’ is a nod to the fruit’s texture and parentage (HoneyCrisp).

Red Rich Fruits’ managing director, Matthew Palise, said the variety not only has an attractive appearance and exceptional eating quality but also boasts large fruit size, vigorous productivity and good storage life.

“With its firm, crisp texture, and a beautiful balance of juiciness, sweetness and tartness, we’re confident the variety will fast become a staple apple variety for Australian consumers,” said Palise.

PVM’s director of marketing, Kathryn Grandy, said the company was pleased to extend the variety’s global reach.

“We’re elated to have a solid global partner in place like Red Rich Fruits in Australia that support Cosmic Crisp and offer a rich history of growing practices and exceptional fruit quality,” Grandy said.