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Freight forwarding company Damco has expanded its Cambodian warehousing operations, opening a second container freight station in the South East Asian country.

Strategically located along Cambodia’s National Road 4, near major manufacturers in Phum Chompou, the new facility increases Damco’s warehouse space to over 16,000m2, with over 40 loading bays.

“This new, additional development is a clear indication of Damco’s strategy to continue to strengthen and further develop its presence in Cambodia, to serve and support customers’ logistics demands and to set the benchmark standard for logistics services,” the company said in a statement.

The new warehouse will provide customers with access to key services such as inventory management, order processing and RF scanning.

Damco’s Cambodian manager, Andy Lim, said it would also improve transport infrastructure, both domestically and internationally.

Lim said Cambodia has the potential to become a key market in South East Asia.

“There are often many challenges doing business in emerging markets,” he explained.

“However, in Cambodia, the strong support from the government and local authorities gives us the confidence that this market will continue to develop positively and will be one of the most competitive markets in the region, for many years to come.

“Damco is geared to overcome such challenges together with our customers in emerging markets.”