Mixed fresh fruits in cartons

The Oppenheimer Group, known to many as Oppy, is a leading North American fresh produce distribution and marketing company. The organisation sources over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than 25 countries and delivers them to retailers, club stores and foodservice operators across the United States and Canada as well as export markets.

The Oppenheimer Group transports thousands of valuable and volatile shipments annually. Before using the GO Real-Time product line, a single order could require the transport team to make five to ten calls to the carrier, which was very time-consuming.

'We have tried various temperature monitoring solutions, but many devices would go missing during transit or upon arrival at the destination leaving them without any information about temperature throughout the trip,' said Stewart Lapage, Director of Transportation at The Oppenheimer Group.

The Emerson Cargo Solutions strategic partnership began in 2015, giving Oppenheimer's sales team the ability to track and monitor the temperature, location and security of their products in real-time. Oppy now uses GO Real-Time units on all perishable and high-value loads, as well as all transfers between their 45 cold storage facilities in North America.Emerson GO Real-Time tracker mobile

By giving all parties involved in the transaction access to real-time temperature and location data throughout the trip, knowledge is shared much more efficiently. This technology helps Oppy save time and resources and allows their sales team to make informed decisions about shipments in transit to provide better customer service.

'The units help protect their growers, shippers, carriers and customers by providing accurate and timely information to limit rejection in instances where temperature abuse in transit compromises product quality. Having direct access to this information gives Oppy the opportunity to correct out-of-temperature loads before they arrive at their destination, resulting in a savings of time and money,' said Lapage.

When real-time data is not a priority, but complete trip visibility is critical, Oppy utilises alternative offerings of the Emerson Cargo Solutions product line. In addition to real-time trackers, a variety of loggers are available which effectively monitor cargo throughout their supply chain. These loggers give customers and logistics providers complete trip transparency and allow them to confirm upon arrival perishables were delivered freshly and safely. 'These units have proven to be tremendously valuable in helping pinpoint accountability in the event of truck claims,” said Lapage.

With Emerson GO Real-time loggers and trackers, ambient reefer temperature can be assessed on demand, resulting in a savings of time and money. Oppy also has the ability to pinpoint accountability in event of truck claims. The Emerson Cargo Solutions product line offers a comprehensive solution set proven to generate a substantial ROI for customers by mitigating lost loads, reducing waste and safeguarding the supply chain.

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