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Grow, the South-East Asian agrifoodtech accelerator by AgFunder, has invited start-ups from across the Asia-Pacific region to apply for its new Singapore Food Bowl programme.

The programme is set to bring industry and start-ups together to build more resilient, decentralised agrifood ecosystems in the wake of Covid-19, with Singapore’s ’30 by 30″ domestic sourcing goal in mind.

The 30 by 30 initiative was launched by Singapore’s government in March 2019 with the aim of reducing the country’s reliance on imports by boosting local production to contribute 30 per cent of its nutritional needs by 2030 - up from the current rate of less than 10 per cent.

Grow has created the Singapore Food Bowl programme to overcome the limitations imposed by Covid-19 and deliver modern solutions.

Given the city-state’s lack of available land, modern technologies such as controlled environment agriculture, vertical farming, and alternative proteins, as well as solutions that eliminate food waste and digitise supply chains will all be embraced.

Enterprise Singapore and Dole Packaged Foods have joined Grow as supporters of the programme and Pier Luigi Sigismondi, president of Dole Packaged Foods said it will be sure to foster innovative solutions.

“Dole is very proud to take leadership in nurturing and growing the Singapore agrifoodtech ecosystem, particularly during this time of uncertainty, when courage and foresight is needed to drive the sector forward,” Sigismondi said.

“Through our engagement with the local ecosystem, we hope to find solutions to help us solve many of the challenges our industry is facing - including equitable living and yield predictions for farmers; zero waste in our supply chain; new, innovative, sustainable packaging solutions; and more.”

Successful Singapore Food Bowl applicants will get access to AgFunder’s network of around 80,000 members and subscribers, with a chance to secure future investment from AgFunder.