NZ Jazz apple carton brand refresh

Jazz apples will hit markets across Asia and the rest of the world with a new look in the upcoming New Zealand season.

The brand refresh, which follows extensive global consumer research, aims to reinforce Jazz’s unique qualities and clearly position the apple as the ‘ideal snack on the go’, according to T&G Global.

“Our research identified that the unique balanced tangy-sweet flavour of Jazz delivers a crispy, juicy and refreshing hit, which is what consumers are looking for between meals,” head of global marketing Rebecca Chapman told Fruitnet.

“Jazz is also a convenient size to be eaten in one sitting, so it’s perfect for snacking.”

The rebrand brings to life the Jazz tagline ‘Always refreshing’ with a new logo, droplet, leaf and vibrant rays, Chapman added.

She said the refreshed look was co-developed with consumers across key markets in Asia, the US and Europe. “We conducted extensive consumer research in 2020, and adopted innovative methodology given restrictions due to Covid. This included Zoom calls, online testing, sensory testing, at home consumption and virtual reality supermarket simulations.”

T&G Global has also developed several packaging formats to support the snacking occasion. “There are new packaging options coming out this New Zealand season across Asia,” said Chapman. “The number of apples and size of apples varies by market, based on consumer insight, and means they have the right-sized Jazz, packaging style and number of apples for any occasion, be it in the lunchbox, at work or on the go.”

Jazz is now grown in ten different countries and some 5.9m cartons were sold last year across more than 45 markets.

In the upcoming March issue of Asiafruit Magazine, T&G Global’s Rebecca Chapman discusses the group’s marketing strategy after the group won Marketing Campaign of the Year at the 2020 Asia Fruit Awards.