SazzyFresh Plums

Singapore-based companies SLS Atelier and DiMuto have joined forces to launch SazzyFresh, the world’s first blockchain powered fresh produce children’s brand.

Fresh produce marketed under the brand is currently retailed at Singapore based supermarkets including Ryan’s Grocery and includes plums grown in Western Australia.

There are plans to launch more offerings such as mini apples, mandarins, oranges and cherry tomatoes to export markets including Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Under the agreement, DiMuto will be digitalizing the entire line of SazzyFresh fruits and vegetables on the blockchain-based DiMuto Trade Platform for food traceability and marketing purposes.

SazzyFresh’s aim is to make healthy eating choices fun by engaging children through SazzyPets cartoon characters.

SazzyPets is an animated series created by Singaporean teenager Sarah Loh, based on drawings she completed as a nine-year-old.

The animated cartoon series promotes educational and positive messages which can teach children kindness, consideration, and healthy eating.

All nine episodes have previously been distributed worldwide on Amazon Prime in the US, Germany, Britain and Japan, and are currently available on YouTube Kids.

“SazzyPets started because I wanted to create something that could be enjoyed by kids of all ages,” said Loh.

“It is supposed to educate and inspire them to grow up to be good people. I am excited to spread the message of SazzyFresh and make a difference,” she added.

One of the key goals of the brand is to change the perception of produce at a young age. In a release, DiMuto noted that because consumers demand “perfect produce”, fruits and vegetables deemed too small often go to waste as suppliers fail to find a market for them.

SazzyFresh is aiming to utilise that fruit by encouraging healthy eating from a young age, while tackling food waste.

Gary Loh, founder and chief executive of DiMuto, said the platform allows food brands like SazzyFresh to track and trace its offering and communicate the brand mission of delivering sustainable, safe and healthy produce to parents and children.

SazzyFresh will donate a portion of all sales proceeds to The Global Mangrove Trust, a Singaporean non-profit that is coordinating global mangrove reforestation efforts with at-risk, coastal communities around Southeast Asia and generating livelihoods for families and women by tree planting, forest conservation, artisanal fishing and aquaculture.