Verfrut's cherry production is increasing next season

Verfrut’s cherry production is increasing next season

In the recently concluded 2023/24 Chilean cherry season, Verfrut cherries achieved significant success in the international market, propelled by exceptional quality and innovative marketing strategies.

The total export volume reached 2.2m boxes (5kg), reflecting a remarkable increase of 45.7 per cent on the previous year, positioning Verfrut as the fastest-growing brand among Chile’s top ten cherry exporters.

Verfrut has been working closely with major supermarket chains and premium fruit stores like Sam’s Club, Yonghui, Pagoda and Greenery to achieve excellent market penetration and consumer satisfaction, making it a cherry brand that is trusted and preferred by consumers.

Verfrut's brand-new premium blue label

Verfrut’s brand-new premium blue label

Looking ahead to the 2024/25 season Verfrut is poised to become one of the top five exporters of Chilean cherries, with its production projected to increase by 60 per cent.

In terms of packaging design, Verfrut has introduced a brand-new premium blue label specifically developed for larger and higher-quality cherries. 

The exquisite craftsmanship, distinctive colour schemes, and visual language make it stand out among cherry brands. Furthermore, the innovative concealable handle design enhances convenience for both purchase and gifting, driving popularity across various markets.

In appreciation of the support and favour from Chinese trade partners, Verfrut collaborated with a renowned bakery in Shanghai in December 2023 to launch the Verfrut Christmas limited edition macaron gift box.

Verfrut macaron gift box

Verfrut macaron gift box

This innovative gift box seamlessly integrates Verfrut brand elements, the aroma, colour, and flavour of fresh cherries, and the Christmas concept. 

A highlight was the ’Tipsy Christmas’ Santina macaron, featuring a delightful collision of heart-shaped Santina cherries and mulled wine flavours, leaving a lasting impression.

The success of Verfrut lies not only in its high-quality products but its keen insight into market trends and profound understanding of consumer demands. In the 2023/24 season, Verfrut integrated deeply with local culture and launched a series of innovative marketing activities, such as the “Cherry Fortune Station for the Year of Dragon” in collaboration with Flash Fresh of China Eastern Air Logistics.

Through immersive shopping experiences featuring cherry lollipops, fortune cards, and lucky draws, Verfrut demonstrated its care for local consumers.

Verfrut's Cherry Fortune Station for the Year of Dragon held in collaboration with Flash Fresh

Verfrut’s Cherry Fortune Station for the Year of Dragon held in collaboration with Flash Fresh

In addition to offline activities, Verfrut actively conducts online brand promotion, directly reaching a broader audience of fruit traders and consumers, providing them with the latest fruit information and brand stories.

Whether it’s the holiday marketing of ‘Verfrut Gift Season’ the sustainable development reports of ‘Verfrut Big Event’ or the seasonal fruit recommendations of ‘Verfrut Monthly Fruit Calendar’ Verfrut has successfully established emotional connections with target audiences through its distinctive brand visual and interactive approach, laying the foundation for broader online marketing campaigns. 

As brand influence continues to expand, Verfrut has invested heavily in technological innovation and sustainable development. In early November, South America’s largest floating photovoltaic plant was officially launched, marking another milestone in Verfrut’s sustainability endeavours.

Verfrut celebrates the launch of South America's largest floating photovoltaic plant

Verfrut celebrates the launch of South America’s largest floating photovoltaic plant

Javier Martínez, general manager of Verfrut, stated, “Verfrut is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in promoting clean energy solutions, responsible production and consumption, taking tangible actions towards global climate change.”

In early 2024, Verfrut signed a share purchase agreement with Unifrutti Investments Latam, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company (ADQ), to sell 100 per cent of its shares. Verfrut is looking forward to future opportunities and synergies under Unifrutti ownership can help both companies operate better. 

In the meantime, Verfrut will continue to operate independently in global markets, maintaining its corporate philosophy and vertically integrated management model it has held since its founding in 1996, consistently providing high-quality fresh fruit, offering consumers worldwide the enjoyment of health and deliciousness.

About Verfrut

Founded in 1996 by Romano Vercellino Dellafiori, Verfrut has grown to become one of the largest fruit producers and exporters in Peru and Chile, exporting more than 15m boxes last season, with a projection of over 25m boxes in the coming years. With more than 7,500ha, it is a fully integrated company that grows, processes and markets 100 per cent of its fruit worldwide.

The company has a diversified product range including grapes, cherries, stonefruit, apples and others. It has a solid and geographically varied commercial reach thanks to its commercial platforms in China, the US, Asia, the EU and South America