JD Yangs Fruit orange gift box Chinese New Year 3

JD.com and grower-packer-marketer Yang’s Fruit have co-developed a new gift box of navel oranges for Chinese New Year.

The box was created through JD’s consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) initiative, which detects trends, and turns trends into products that consumers want and since the box's launch on 20 January, sales have surged.

JD decided to work with Yang’s Fruit based on consumption trends and consumers’ demands. Relying on its market insights, and leveraging technology advantages, the e-commerce giant predicted sales volume, and confirmed the supply in advance to further reduce costs in the supply chain and improve the efficiency of production capacity.

'JD’s big data accurately predicted product sales, allowing us to make targeted adjustments in procurement, packaging, and overall planning of production lines and supply chains to achieve cost reduction and efficiency,” said a spokesperson from Yang’s Fruit.

JD has also worked with various fruit processing companies to successfully co-develop strawberries, apples and cherries through its C2M initiative.