Unlock the potential of fresh citrus

Join leading growers, marketers, and retailers to discuss brand new ways to market fresh citrus
5&6 November 2024, City of Arts & Sciences, Valencia


Fruitnet Citrus Congress 2024 comes to the beautiful city of Valencia for the first time. Join leading players from across the global fresh citrus business to share ideas and insight about how to boost consumption in a stagnant market. Fruitnet believes there is plenty of potential to increase demand through varietal innovation, quality improvements and the right consumer messaging. Our conference programme focuses on finding common strategies to help the sector to grow profitably.

Simultaneous translation available Spanish to English and English to Spanish



09:00 Registration  

09:30 Welcome address


09:45-10:30 The citrus consumption challenge

There is big potential in citrus. But consumption growth is stalling. How can growers and marketers identify new marketing opportunities to make growth more profitable and find new ways to sell to tomorrow’s consumers?

• Kantar (UK)
• Desmond Jas, Olympic Fruit (Netherlands)
• Stephan Weist, Rewe (Germany)
• Maria Wieloch, ICA Gruppen (Sweden)

10:30-11:15 Harnessing health

Together, mandarins and oranges are the second-most consumed fruits in Europe after apples. But in terms of health messaging and nutritional research, citrus lags behind other fruit categories. We look at what the avocado and kiwifruit sectors are getting right and how they can teach us to communicate more effectively.

• Nele Moorthamers, Zespri (Belgium)
• Shelly Vorster, World Avocado Organisation UK & Europe (Spain)


13:00-13:45 Brand stories

A powerful brand is the key to connecting with consumers. It stands out on the shelf and can help companies push into new export markets. Is there more space for citrus brands in European supermarkets and beyond? 

• Nuria Pizán, SanLucar (Spain)
• Marijke Appel, Driscoll’s (Netherlands) 
• Carlo Magni, Forward Insight and Strategy (New Zealand) 

14:00- 15:00 NETWORKING LUNCH 

17:15-18:00 Where next for Spanish citrus?

Spain faces major challenges in citrus – it cannot compete on price with cheaper imports, while climate change and water availability are impacting production. We discuss how investments in varietal innovation, quality and service can help deliver profitable growth in the future.

• Miguel Abril, Anecoop (Spain)
• Paco Borrás, Paco Borrás Consulting (Spain)



We look at how new developments in breeding, post-harvest and packaging technology are helping companies to extend shelf-life, cut waste, and grow profits.

12:00-12:40 Varietal innovation and competitiveness

New varieties are more in tune with market demand than ever before. What new developments will drive future demand and increase profitability?

• José Cuenca, Avasa (Spain)
• Sven Thomas, Jaguar The Fresh Company (Netherlands)

12:40-13:00 Simplifying certification and compliance

There are too many certification schemes in the industry and this places a heavy cost and time burden on producers. Is it possible to cut the complexity of compliance and sustainability in fresh food supply chains?

• Elena Guillen, Farmable (Spain)
• Jim Jefcoate, Food Experts Solutions (UK)

15:00-15:45 Post-harvest technology: The science of cutting citrus waste

Leading experts from the post-harvest arena discuss some of the new technologies helping to maximise profit potential, minimise losses and make citrus more sustainable.

• Citrosol Spain)
• Decco (Spain)
• AgroFresh Spain)
• Apeel (US)
• AgroSustain (Switzerland)