Blas y Tir Potato Donation to Pembrokeshire FoodBank

Welsh supplier Puffin Produce has donated its Blas y Tir potatoes to Pembrokeshire Foodbank over the festive period.

Pembrokeshire Foodbank provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people in Pembrokeshire who are referred to them in crisis. They manage a network of food bank centres within Pembrokeshire located in Haverfordwest, Pembroke Dock, Fishguard, Neyland and Narberth, staffed by dedicated volunteers.

Over 350 Blas y Tir potato packs were delivered to the Pembrokeshire Foodbank centre in Haverfordwest and were put towards the provision of food parcels at the five centres for vulnerable people living in food poverty.

Pembrokeshire Foodbank is part of a nationwide network of 428 foodbanks, supported by the Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

Puffin Produce chief executive Huw Thomas said: “Pembrokeshire Foodbank does incredible work to support the vulnerable people in our community. Sadly, more and more people need the help of food banks, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to support those in need in our local community, particularly at Christmas time.”

In 2020/21, the Trussell Trust’s foodbank network provided 2.5 million three-day emergency food supplies and support to UK people in crisis. Of these, almost a million went to children.