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US cranberries find market in China

The Cranberry Marketing Committee USA is honing in on growing demand in China as it boosts it international export programmes

US cranberries find market in China

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The Cranberry Marketing Committee USA (CMC) has outlined China as a key target for its cranberry exports this season.

China’s imports of US cranberries rose 104 per cent during the 2014 season, up 3m pounds (1,360 tonnes) from the previous September-August season.

“China is a new and exciting emerging market for US grown cranberries,” CMC executive director Scott Soares said in a press release. “The affinity toward the cranberry is strengthening as Chinese consumers become increasingly aware of the berry’s health benefits, versatility and many culinary applications.”

Spruiking the fruit as a superfood, CMC has engaged bloggers and a range of Chinese media to boosts its fresh, frozen and processed exports of cranberries. More recently, the US department of agriculture part-funded a delegation of Chinese media professionals, who visited Massachusetts to see the growing processes and versatile uses of the US-grown fruit.

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