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Honey Gold hits the mark in the US

Australian mango export programme highlights potential for offering in first season of shipments

Honey Gold hits the mark in the US

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Queensland-grown Honey Gold mangoes have left a sweet taste in the mouths of US consumers, having entered the North American market for the first time this season.

Three shipments of the variety were included in an Australian industry export programme, which saw the fruit distributed across the US.

“Our Queensland-grown Honey Gold mangoes were shipped to Los Angeles and distributed as far afield as New York,” said Gavin Scurr, managing director of grower-packer-exporter Piñata Farms, who hold the breeding rights Honey Gold. “Most were sold in Texas and the rest in California where they received an excellent reception from retailers and consumers."

The Honey Gold mangoes, produced by Piñata Farms and some 40 third-party growers, were sold in supermarkets alongside other Australian mangoes and independently. The export programme was supported by a range of promotional activities, including tastings, demonstrations and in-store displays.

Scurr said Australian mangoes provide a superior eating experience when compared to other imports sold in the US market.

“Piñata Farms has an exclusive arrangement with importer, Melissa's, which distributes and markets premium and unique fruit lines across the US,” Scurr said. “We've had enquiries from many other importers because of the Honey Gold's flavour profile and reputation but we're committed to Melissa's because of the marketing opportunities provided."

The industry-wide export programme came after the establishment of a protocol allowing Australian mangoes into the US. The agreement followed more than seven years of bilateral negotiations between the US and Australian governments.

“The trade arrangement came into effect late in the 2014-2015 season - too late for Honey Gold mangoes - so this was the first full season Australian mango producers had access to the US market," Scurr said.

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