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Thursday 7th August 2008, 16:41 Hong Kong

Sun World runs grape expo

Sun World has staged its second Table Grape Producer Expo in California

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Californian company Sun World International LLC held its second Table Grape Producer Expo last week to showcase and promote its grape varieties, according to The Packer.

The expo saw attendees from eleven countries from five continents; marketers and grower-shippers licensed to grow Sun World’s proprietary grape varieties. The three trademarked grapes promoted at the event were Scarlotta, Midnight Beauty and Sable.

Sun World’s chief marketing officer David Marguleas hoped the event would spread production worldwide. “With growers in both hemispheres, the goal is to develop the consistent quality and taste to capture the category year round,” he said.

The expo is on every five years in the American state of California, and ran this year from 29-31 July. It featured workshops on Sun World’s grape varieties.

California exports 35 per cent of its grapes, with a forecast table grape crop of 96m cartons this season.

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