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Japanese farmer grows heart-shaped watermelon

After several years of research, farmer Hiroichi Kimura has succeeded in cultivating a world-first product

Japanese farmer grows heart-shaped watermelon

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A Japanese farmer has grown the world's first heart-shaped watermelon, RocketNews24 reports.

The farmer, Hiroichi Kimura, was originally a standard watermelon grower whose curiosity into whether it would be possible to grow his product in a specific shape was originally piqued after a comment from a neighbour.

Kimura subsequently devoted several years into researching whether such a feat was possible, including reading up on growing techniques, developing a heart-shaped mould, researching the ideal cultivation methods, soil conditions, atmospheric temperature, and moisture levels for the product.

As well as successfully producing the desired shape, the watermelon also reportedly has a pleasant texture and flavour, with a crunchy consistency, sweet juice and a lingering flavour.

”I want my customers to eat something delicious,” Kimura told RocketNews24.

The product is being sold by a store in Fukuoka, on the isaland Kyushu, for the price of ¥15,750 (US$160) each.

The farmer is reportedly continuing to research new varieties of his product.


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  • first of all thanks to innovative farmer.hats of to his work ,dedication and passion.India need such like farmer in order to change agriculture practice .can i get contact details of the farmer.

    anup patra

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